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Protection Against Aswang

Aswang from Filipino Folklore

Basahin Ito Sa Tagalog

Protection Against Aswang

Before six in the evening, burn an incense with chopped garlic and twigs of Makabuhay plant (also known as Tinospora Cordifolia, this herbal plant can be found in tropical countries like India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines and has long been used as traditional medicine). The smudging smoke of incense around the house will drive away aswang and other elements.

To prevent aswang from you or your house, keeping garlic in your pocket is the easiest way. But for some they place a garland of garlic on doors and windows. The scent of garlic will instantly stop them from coming in.

A pregnant woman attracts Aswang, for they eat the unborn child. In the sixth month of conception, burn a rubber as of tyres, the smoke of the burning tyres will drive them away. It is as if their body is melting while looking at burning rubber. This way, they would rather stay away from the pregnant woman.

It is best to wear color black clothings for pregnant. This way, aswang won’t be able to see your presence.

If you are working on a farm, you must have something like “karit” (Scythe). Good for you because aswang are afraid on this long, curved single-edged blade. Just hang it on the ceiling or window at night.

Dig a small hole on the ground one meter away from the house and place the rotten chicken egg. Put it as well in every corner of the house. These will keep aswang away from your house.

Sometimes we are suspicious of people who visit our house, especially in the provinces who believes in the existence of aswang. In order to know if your suspicion is right, try this method – Place the broom upside near your door. If the broom tumbled down from its original position it just means that your guest is aswang. Once the aswang has entered your house and you place the broom upside-down next your door, he won’t be able to leave the place, because the broom is preventing him from going out.

When you feel the aswang is around, curse him and say that you know him/her in a loud voice. In this case, they would choose to leave you instead.




  1. Buntot ng Pagi (Stingray tail)
  2. Any Bronze metal – we normally keep a bullet to protect ourselves from aswang
  3. Crucifix – You can wear a necklace with a crucifix pendant
  4. Cactus Plant – they are afraid of the thorn on a cactus plant
  5. Spark of red match
  6. Salt – Sprinkle a salt on every corner of your house
  7. Holy Water - it is best to use to keep them away


By keeping these small things in your pocket or your house, most likely, aswang will be mad at you being clever enough to keep them away.



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#7: Guest #1543 (?) - at 09:19 on 23 Jul 2023

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#6: Guest #1315 (SUKI) - at 23:48 on 18 Jun 2022

This didnt work.... My step-brother tried this, dead on the spot. I reccomend that you never go out side if heard a woman screaming, mannangal? Use salt to kill aswang . Not holy water

#5: Guest #1206 (Andrea Guenevere Paquita) - at 17:43 on 05 Jun 2021

Not too long ago, I heard the same aggressive scratching sound on the roof like I kept hearing since my sister came home. She is approaching her 3rd month of pregnancy. I got so pissed I threw salt on the roof of her room, put salt on her windows (insid and outside), put garlic by her window, had her blessed coconut oil on her side, whipped a coconut broom around then cursed, and made her wear black clothing to sleep. I swear, she said she didn't hear anything even though the disturbing asf sound was so loud and annoying it woke me up. What else should I do?

#4: Guest #1180 (Siemens) - at 03:42 on 21 Feb 2021

my roommate here in Saudi arabia is always looking at me while a=I am asleep and because I snore loudly meaning I am in deep sleep which I couldn't notice if somebody is looking at me but there was a time that my instinct says someone is looking at me during sleep specially when light is turn of because my roommate didn't like it when lights are on during sleep time, one thing I noticed about this old man is he always walk back and forth inside our room then when I suddenly woke up he hurried rush going to his bed again, this continue for months I never pay attention to this for I though that he is just cant sleep neither lights are off nor on, until it came one night that I started to hear "bat" like noise but I though it came from our air condition so I ignore it again, but it continuously coming back every night and it become more louder and closer above my head for my bed is near wall which is only wood because our accommodation is a cabin type but I got pissed off so I decided to smack the wall so it will stop and it did but later again it continue to making noises again then I realized maybe it was a "kikik" in bisaya term for wakwak or aswang, after that o keep observing then the morning came I ask my room mate if he heard some bat like noise almost every night but he didn't look me in the eyes while ignoring my question so my suspicion continue and getting even more closer to what I thought he was, then came another night the bat like noise didn't came back because I turn on the lights and argue with him that I cannot sleep without light, that time I cannot hear his breath or a sign that he's asleep then minute after that he started speaking words that never in my life I heard, I cannot identify if it was latin or not and im pretty sure it was not spoke in ilokano or bisaya or any other dialect atleast I am familiar with, I observed if he called somebody but I saw his mobile phone was on charging so I am conviced that he is speaking alone or I don't know what the F he is murmuring about, it went off until 15minutes I guess. still I am observing waiting for a solid evidence that my suspicion is solid and true. I will post update soon god bless.

#3: Guest #1127 (Queen) - at 06:44 on 29 May 2020

Watch the filipino movie "CORAZON: ANG UNANG ASWANG".
It is a great Filipino psychological thriller film! Mind blowing actually :)

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