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Aswang from Filipino Folklore

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A cold dark night, dogs keep on growling, cold wind whipping your skin, and a feeling that someone is watching you…

Whaaat? ?? is it aswang?

Aswang is another folklore story, been told by Filipino ancestors from generation to another, especially in rural areas in the Philippines. Where people are still conservative, naïve to modern technology.

To The Preventive Unapproachable Of Ghost

Aswang need to feed themselves. They crave for human organs like heart and livers, fresh blood, fetus, or dead people. Their favorite prey are those who are pregnant. To confuse people, they pretend to be an animal like, a dog, cat, or a bird. They can get closer unnoticed. There are things that can be used against them. Like sprinkling salt in some part of the house, hanging a garlic lantern in the windows or doors, a broom, which placed upside down near the door. Some others are sprinkling salt in the basement. Old houses used to have an open basement.

A tail of a sting can also be used to drive them away.

Most pregnant woman used to carry a bullet, to drive away an aswang from their attack. Aswang was said to have a companion while searching for a victim. ‘’tiktik’’ or a bird called tikling. Whenever you heard the sound of tiktik or kikik, this only mean a thing, an aswang is just around.

Staying up late at night searching for dead people. And steal it.

Signs If He Does Is ghost

A normal human being during the day. Avoid eye to eye contact and conversation with neighbors. Shy and elusive. Unfriendly. Keep themselves at home. Doesn’t join the crowd.

Before an aswang die they must transfer their power to their children. One must have big faith to the black power to use it.

Types of Ghost

Some aswang used to fly for hunting, we call it manananggal, and the other is ‘’aswang na baklay’’ or a daywalker.

Human during the day, a monster at night.


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#3: Guest #1519 (?) - at 09:17 on 06 Apr 2023

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#2: Guest #223 (Tina) - at 07:38 on 20 Sep 2016

If aswang really exist, can I request to them to please suck the blood out of Delima and the rest of the Liberal Party!!!

#1: adminkal - at 09:17 on 11 Nov 2014

i dont believe in aswang before or any kind of elements in the world as i grow up in the province of iloilo. i just believe the sayings "if what u see is what u believe" and i do believe in aswang or flying human on the sky... i know if i tell to anybody they wil just laugh at me and say i am crazy, so let me share my experience when i was 12 yrs old, I and my cousin decided to go to the house of her friend,and my brother come with us, its just a walking distance from home, and its a fullmoon and we can see everything in around, we had fun while walking as my brother loves to scare me, and we get closed to the house of other neighbor which is they hav a party that night i saw a human flying seemed going to the back of the house, i was about to shout when my brother tap his hands on my mouth, i was really scared and we just run to get the house of my cousin's friend...

so after what happen on that night i started to believe that their is really an aswang.