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Agimat or anting-anting is a Tagalog word for amulet or charm. Agimat is well known in Philippines. A person who claims an agimat will acquire an unnatural strength. Some says it will protect you from bullets, arrows, sickness and will give fortune in business. People bring their agimat in cockpit, they believe they will win the game if you have it.

There are different kinds of agimat. An engrave agimat can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or belt. It is a special kind of stone, which is rare to find. There are different designs of agimat. To be effective, it needs an oration, prayers, it should be engraved by the person who knows about agimat. It can be different sizes, triangular, spherical, sometimes it is a kind of coin. An oration, prayers and incantations is done, so that it will be effective. A part of an animal can also be used an agimat.

An agimat inscribe to a piece of paper or cloth. A set of verse, symbol or an image is inscribed in it. By keeping this, can bring luck and protection. It should not be damaged and keep on a safe place, otherwise, it will weaken its power.

Agimat is given by their ancestors from generation to generation. It should be given to the eldest son. He must believe to the power of the agimat and strictly follow the rules upon using agimat. Transfer of agimat is done on the death bed of the owner. He must give it to his son or relative before his death. The power of agimat should be renewed during holy week. It is believed, during holy week, the power of spirit are arising as well as the power of agimat. It should be renewed, it will strengthen its power.

In the earlier years, most people possess an agimat, they believe that it keep them away from any danger.

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