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Some people has the ability to tell what may happen to the future, or even they can tell what had happen in their past. That is including habit, character, being fortunate in their business or job and many others. These are special ability to do extraordinary things. Normally, they don’t have materials on doing this. It’s a matter of thoughts and the power of mind. Science is still doing research about this mystery, unexplainable phenomena that someone has seen on his vision.

Psychic knows what it is all about on her/his at first glance. Some people here in the Philippines ask for the help of a Psychic before making such decisions like, building a new house, business and some others. They must know up to the smallest detail to avoid bad luck. They even add some decorations.

Being a Psychic is said to be a norm in a person, since birth it is believe that everyone has this extraordinary ability. But it was top while growing up. Cut by the community and the people who surrounded them, because of the things been doing in daily life. Curiosity stopped and replaced by doing a thing for a living.

Clairvoyance o psychic are said to be able to tell what is on someone’s mind. They said it’s like they have seen it, not literally seeing it but, it is like they can see what someone is running on his mind. Only a few people can do these extraordinary ability.

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