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Engakanto or Diwata also known in the Philippine mythology. Especially in remote areas in the provinces.

They are known to dwell in the rivers, forest or big trees.

Engkanto has male and female sexes. Female engkanto is called Engkantada. They are describe as a beautiful maiden, taller than a ordinary woman, with long golden hair, slim, angelic face with blue eyes. Male engkanto are called Engkantado, like the female, they are also tall, white and pale skin, good looking.

They are lost souls and others believed that they were angels who disobeyed the word of God. They were kicked out from heaven and thrown to the land of mortals. Some fell in the river, woods, or trees.

There are bad and good engkanto.

Some albularyo or older people believed that good engkanto can bring a good luck if they dwell in a tree nearby your house.

They can be sometimes playful too, if they hate you, they will make you sick. Cannot be cured by the modern medicine.

In the river, if you happen to see a beautiful lady playing in the water, you just need to ignore her. If they offer you anything don't take it. Because once you accept anything from them it means they will also take your soul in return.

Engkanto are also capable of falling in love to mortals. But you should not accept his/her, otherwise they will take your soul. Engkantada likes to have gatherings as well. In the woods, if you can hear such voices, may it be singing or laughing, these means they are having a party. You just need to ignore it, never say anything of what you feel and heard. It is better also to ask permission to pass by or just say ''tabi tabi po, makikiraan po''.

Engkantada are known to attract men in the woods or rivers. Men who became crazy after a trip from the woods, is believed that an Engkatada cursed him because he refused to take her offer. Sometimes found dead.

Other people believed that good engkanto can help them cure an illness. This is usually done by an albularyo, by making some rituals. If you are good to them, they can also give you a reward. Some villagers believed that good crops are, healthy body and fortune are given by engkanto once you asked them and in return you have to respect them.

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#3: Guest #1280 (judrivienne) - at 17:40 on 12 Mar 2022

won de et wos akendel hu blas kasit wos a ter was a grel hu kol mirabe shi was trayin tu sef het mrekel shi dot haf amire ko bot her femel hef a
en mrekel bot abeala wo lokin fo de femeli bot her was train tu sef her home asong oomari posas no sai watai mas te kereser

#2: Guest #1096 (Meeps) - at 17:50 on 13 Jan 2020

Mga 6pm ng gabi, brownout sa barangay namin nasa labas lang ako ng bahay namin kasi maliwag yung buwan dahil sa na bored ako,minsan nagmamaasid ako sa mga kalangitan at mga sa mga puno dahil aliw ko ang mga ito ngayon,sa mga 30 mins ako nagmamasid may biglaang isang bola na sobrang liwanag ang tumindig sa akin at mga ilang segundo rin nawala sa mga punog niyog. Ito ay nasaksihan ko mga 5 beses sa buong buhay ko.

#1: Guest #549 (Makoy) - at 18:27 on 03 May 2017

I actually experienced this when I was 18 years old. My youngest sister was being pursued by Engkantos. They want to take her. She was 16 at that time. They did not tell me why, but a soul of a rape victim came to me and told me why they wanted her. She told me that they want my sister because her physical feature resembles that of our ancestors who Engkantos find attractive. That caught my attention because every once in a while, people would call out that my sister looks like a Hispanic woman. I can't blame them, since Spanish blood runs in our veins. But hers was stronger. When I knew about that, I knew I had to protect her. Nobody believed me, not even my parents. So I had to do it myself. Everyday, after school, I purify my room and let her stay there until the next day, when I go to school. Then one day, I came home to her crying. She told me that the Engkantos are in my room. So I went there immediately. When I was at the door, holding the knob, I felt a presence I gave never felt before. It was a feeling of being in a place where you are unwelcome. Then I heard them saying,"This is not your home, this is our home now. And we will call out every single one of our kind and we will stay here". I was so scared. But I had to do it. I mixed rice grains and salt and showered my room. The unwelcoming presence was not there anymore. I was so scared that I had to call help from our aunt and ask her to take my sister to an Albularyo. I told her that I cannot protect my sister from them because they are too powerful, and I don't know what to do. The next day, my aunt came to me and told me how brave and powerful I was to face those engkantos. It turns out, I wasn't only facing 2, but an army of them. The Albularyo was also shocked about the incident. The albularyo gave remedies to my sister, and I also convince my grandmother to cut down the tree they were residing in. After that, everything stopped, like it was a dream. But I know it was real, but we don't talk about it much.