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Sigbin from Filipino Folklore

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 What Is The Type Of Ghost Sigbin

If we are going to enumerate the mythical creatures f the Philippines , you'll find quite a lot.

There is a creature which is believed a rare kind of an animal, dwell in the forest of the south in the Philippines. Similar to a goat and/or a kangaroo. The face looks like a bat.. with long fangs, red eyes. According to some researchers, they have found a creature like ''sigbin'' ior a cat-fox in Borneo, it is a carnivore that’s why they hunt only an animal or human being. Though researchers/scientists are still continuing their research about this rare kind of animal. But there is no pure evidence until today of their existence.

Sigbin is believed to be a nocturnal, that’s why, used to hunt in the night, easier for them to catch a victim.

Since these creatures are rarely seen, the people in rural areas who believes in many kind of myth or spirit or monster, they also believe and consider sigbin as one kind of demon and also known as pet of aswang.

Sigbin used to hunt for their food during night time, aside from eating the internal organs of a human body, they hunt animals in the forest as well...

And they even eat dead animal or a corpse.... by eating dead flesh maybe can cause them smell like a rotten human corpse. A smell that elders said to be really bad that it'll make you vomit.

That bad?????? ooohhh!!!!

Sigbin has a long tail, used as a whip. They have red eyes, maybe because they kept themeselves awake during night time and hunting.

It is also believed that they serve as an assistant to an aswang. Sometimes aswang doesn’t have a human food, they asked sigbin to hunt an animal instead for a meal. Whoever own a sigbin, is also believed to have a good luck in so many ways.

It is needed to keep them alive. Placed in a big jar, they must eat, usually blood is given to keep them alive.

In some parts of the province, if a resident found a dead animals, they often blame it to a Sigbin.

One more belief about it is that, it can suck your blood through your shadows.... they seemed to be so resourceful in a very different manner.

This stories are based on what our ancestors used to tell us about their experience to these creatures. Just be vigilant and be safe always.

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