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What Is Mangkukulam In English?

Mangkukulam from Filipino Folklore

Mangkukulam means Witch in English

Aswang in English is Monster

Dwende in English is Dwarf

Engkanto means Fairy in English

Kapre means Tree Giant in English

Kumakatok in English is To Nock  Door

Manananggal means Remover in English

Santilmo in English is A ball of fire

Sigbin in English Similar to a goat and/or a kangaroo. 

Sirena means Mermaid in English

Syokoy in English is Male Mermaid

Tikbalang means a half man Demon Horse in English

Tiyanak in English is Demon Child

Wak Wak means bird That lives a vampire in English

Albularyo in English is Herb Doctor

Matruculan mesns in English is A kind of ghoul

Kaperosa in English is White Lady

Agimat means Amulet Or Talisman in English

Manghuhula in English is Fortune Teller

Esperetista means in English is Psychic 

Pinagmumultuhang Bahay In English is Haunted House

Kamatayan means in English is Grim reaper

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